Sovereign States Drug Consortium -

Sovereign States Drug Consortium

The Sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) is a collaborative group of Medicaid states. Collectively members are focused on containing pharmacy costs. Individually each state retains the ability to manage its pharmacy benefit, customizing its own Preferred Drug List and Prior Approval program.

The primary purpose of the SSDC is a Medicaid supplemental drug rebate program. In this, the SSDC negotiates for and acquires rebates from drug manufacturers, supplemental to federal Medicaid rebates, for drugs utilized in the states’ Medicaid programs.

The SSDC also provides a forum for Member States to cooperate in other areas of pharmacy benefit administration and management in Medicaid and other publicly funded pharmacy benefit programs. One such project is a diabetic supply rebate program.

Goold Health Systems, an Emdeon company, of Augusta, Maine is the SSDC’s current supplemental rebate negotiator and has managed the SSDC negotiation process since contract year 2006. For more information on Goold see

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